Bobit is not only the trusted source for major market-facing studies on critical topics — we’re also the industry’s only research partner that offers a completely turnkey research solution.

Robust research for virtually any need

Whether you’re looking for insights on brand equity, brand preference, competitive landscape, trend identification, trend analysis, benchmarking, or virtually any other business or user-specific objectives, the Bobit team can deliver. Our team has deep industry expertise and can empower your organization through impactful research.

We meet your customers where they are

We leverage a variety of platforms to gain insights about your consumers and competitors. These can include:

  • Polls
  • Online surveys
  • Focus groups
  • Mail surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Secondary research
  • And more!

Industry expertise and credibility

We’ve worked with fleet operators for more than half a century, and we know the major players, current trends, and upcoming challenges. Being able to speak to each of these gives our team the ability to ask smarter questions and get more valuable answers — and that means deeper insights for you.

Research based on highly engaged audiences

Our pre-existing audience of fleet decision-makers is highly engaged and thoroughly vetted, and we can segment them based on geography, function, size, and more to gain valuable and highly specific insights.

Get in touch

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