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Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information


This provides notice of the right to opt out of the sale or sharing of personal information. 

Some states provide residents (or, in some cases, including residents of California and Virginia, their authorized agents) with the right to opt out of “targeted advertising”, “selling,” or “sharing” of personal information.    Please visit the YOUR US STATE PRIVACY RIGHTS section of the Bobit Privacy Policy, including the California Privacy Rights section of the policy, for more information about your rights and our privacy practices. 

Selling, Sharing, Targeted Advertising 

We may use personal information to support “targeted advertising”, “selling,” or “sharing” as defined by applicable privacy laws, which may result in third parties receiving your personal information.  You or your legally authorized agent can request to Bobit to opt out of these activities on this digital property consistent with applicable law.  Please note that, because these activities are based on online cookies, your opt-out choice is specific to this property.  If you access other digital properties of Bobit, you will need to make your election for each.  Also, if you clear your cookies on this browser or use another browser or device, you may need to opt out again on this property. 

To opt-out you must complete in full the information requested in our Opt Out Form (see the Opt Out Form and instructions in the Privacy Policy section of our website). 

If you opt-out, you may continue to see advertising, including ads that may be based on personal information processed before you opted out.  You also may have rights to opt-out from certain third parties selling and sharing your personal information.  You will need to separately exercise your opt-out rights with regard to each, which you may do through the IAB opt-out list (which can be found at  You may also use other available online tools to limit various types of interest-based advertising or trackingFor more information about behavioral advertising practices or to opt-out of this type of advertising for some companies, you can visit and  Additionally, your controls and choices may include controlling targeted advertising from many ad networks and partners; data exchanges; and marketing analytics and digital advertising and marketing service providers, by visiting 

Note that if you at any point choose to opt out of the sale or sharing of your personal information to or with third parties, and follow the instructions herein to do this per the terms of this policy, but you subsequently later opt back in with us by later subscribing to any of our company-owned and operated websites, choosing to download any of our content, subscribe to one of our newsletters, or in any way opt back in anywhere in our Bobit operated websites, by downloading any of our content, you understand and accept that we may share your information with our sponsors, even if you previously submitted a opt out request or a do not sell request to Bobit.

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