Elevate your brand as a thought leader by featuring a Subject Matter Expert (SME) with an exclusive FAQ blog that reaches a large engaged audience everyday. This solution positions your blog and company as the go-to source of information for your unique product offering. We’ll  develop Q&As that are fueled by industry insights to provide relevant and informative content to your target market.

As The Expert You Will:

Respond directly to readers and site visitors about a topic or piece of technology.

Highlight your brand with premium positioning on every page of the brand website you choose with your company logo and photo of your expert.

Get noticed in monthly e-newsletter “Ask the Expert” page.

Get information to follow up with registered users who ask a question.

Get in touch

Bobit has helped organizations like yours get their brands and messages in front of industry decision-makers for more than 60 years, programs like this do just that.

If you’re ready to be recognized as an expert in your industry, identify pain points, and connect with industry leaders, just drop us a line.  One of our experts will reach out to you ASAP to start the conversation.

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