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Easy Ways To Get More Out of Your Fleet Industry Marketing Content

If you’re creating or sourcing marketing content, you know how important it is to squeeze all the value you can from every content investment. Yet many marketing teams create a piece of content, then move on to the next project, leaving behind a lot of value in the process. Here are three often overlooked ways to increase the impact and amplification of your content.  

Turn Webinars Into Lead- Gen Multi Tools

Webinars are powerful tools to educate prospects, establish thought leadership, and drive leads. A well-crafted webinar not only communicates information, but it also allows prospects to see the human faces and points of view behind your company and solutions.  

They’re also a lot of work. That’s why I’m always amazed when webinars are treated as one-off events. Here are a few ways to make them work harder.  

  • Continue to run—and promote—the on-demand version of your webinar.  
  • Expand your webinar’s impact by editing it into a series of on-demand videos.  
  • Convert the webinar into a blog series, e-book, podcast, and/or video animation. 
  • Create a companion infographic to nurture leads captured in the webinar.  
  • Syndicate these assets through an industry media partner.  

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Capture video content from your trade show appearances 

Trade shows and live events are another impactful and expensive investment. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand their impact by capturing the type of content you can only create in a live, interactive setting. 

  • Capture video of your presentations to use on your website and social channels.  
  • Film short videos of your team providing tips and tricks to make your prospects’ work easier. 
  • Use video to capture testimonials and case studies from your customers onsite.  
  • Video your subject matter experts to provide demonstrations and walk arounds.  
  • Once these videos are created, they can be re-purposed into social posts, blog posts, written testimonials and more.  

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Compile Blog Posts and Case Studies Into Topic-Specific eBooks

Even if you’re running a bare-bones content marketing program, you probably have a blog and some case studies. Too often, blog posts get posted and forgotten on company sites. But those posts provide the material you need to create a full-funnel content marketing program. Compile your existing blog posts into e-books based on: 

  • topics 
  • solutions 
  • industry segments 
  • buyer journey stages 

Now you have a library of gated assets that not only capture leads, but give you insights about your prospects’ needs, interests, and intent. That’s gold for your sales team.  

And Now…the CTA

Remember that all content needs a strong Call to Action. Here’s mine:  

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By Steve Diogo, President, Bobit Fleet & Trucking Group