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Content Usage Agreement

We’re glad to have the opportunity to work with you in providing creative services.  If you haven’t already completed our Content Usage Agreement form below, we kindly request that you do so.  

 This form provides permission for Bobit to use your company logo, name, and select collateral that we create on your behalf (including but not limited to, whitepapers, video content, infographics, etc.) in our promotional efforts including, but not limited to, our company website, social media, and client-facing sales materials.  

 Please note that if and when we use your company logo, name, or created content in any of our marketing and promotions, in all cases we will include trademark attribution giving notice that your company owns the intellectual property that we are using.   

 This consent also waives your right to any royalties, damages, or any other economic recovery of the use of your company’s logo and name.   

You may contact Bobit in writing at any time if you wish to discontinue this agreement.