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Email Disclaimer

Email Security Systems & Practices

A spam filter may be clicking your links. This has become a common practice as many email inboxes are protected by security software. The software protects a user by testing links and filtering malicious content before it hits their inbox.

The software mimics human behavior by design and currently there is no automated solution to distinguish a link clicked by a spam filter from an intended recipient. If you see an unusually high number of clicks, let us know and we’ll be happy to investigate further.

Email Reporting and Performance Analysis

Due to the Monthly Digital Performance Reports’ automated retrieval of previous month data as it is available, note that some email reporting may be retrieved before a standard 7-day statistical maturation point. Proper analysis of email deployment reporting depends on when the report has been pulled. If an email was deployed on a Friday evening, pulling a report the next day (Saturday) would most likely not provide accurate performance metrics. It is recommended that proper analysis of campaign deployment be conducted 7 days after and when the engagement-rate winds down. The Partner Portal is a convenient place to log in and view your digital performance reports – including custom date ranges.