High-quality leads you can trust

ReadyQuote leads are vetted and qualified through a rigorous validation process. Our approach to lead validation results in up to 95% accuracy. Best of all, these are decision-makers who have already seen and engaged with your content and have requested a quote for your products or services.

Inbound made easy

Bobit puts your content in front of decision-makers in our highly engaged audience, and when they request a quote from your organization, our team performs a thorough validation to ensure each lead is a true decision-maker who’s ready to buy. The leads can then be loaded directly into your CRM or marketing automation system for immediate follow up by your team. And as your team grows, ReadyQuote can scale with it, delivering more leads when and where you need them.

There’s no easier way to get sales-ready leads to fill your pipeline and drive revenue!

Generate more revenue and increase your close rate

If your team is tired of marking so many leads as “closed lost,” they’ll love ReadyQuote. Instead of endless prospecting, booking demos that leads don’t show up to, and voicemails and emails that go nowhere, give your team hot, sales-qualified leads that are primed and ready to buy.

They’ll close more deals with fewer calls and have fewer no-shows when it’s time to demo your product or service. That means shorter sales cycles, more revenue, and a much better chance of hitting your quota than with just cold outreach.

Get in touch

Ready to give your team a powerful new tool for winning new business? The Bobit team has more than 60 years of industry expertise and has helped organizations just like yours build effective sales pipelines and grow their businesses — and we’re here to help yours, too. Just drop us a line through the form below, and one of our experts will be in touch ASAP.

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