Step away from the competition with the industry's first Lead Generation FLASH Movie.
ClickINFO is a 2 to 3 minute promotional movie sent to your potential buyers from our trusted brands.
Here’s how ClickINFO works:
ClickINFO lead generating movies can be used for training, introducing new products and/or services, and building your brand. The 2 to 3 minute movie includes animated on-screen text, graphics, photos and audio. The video features two ways to respond: click for more information and a user-friendly forwarding option that encourages viewers to send the message to other industry professionals and further extend your market reach!

  • eBlast to Security Sales & Integration (SSI), Campus Safety (CS) subscribers
  • Posting on SSI & CS websites
  • A master CD/DVD of the movie for the client to distribute at trade shows, etc.
  • License for client to post the movie on their own website

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Peggy Onstad
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Eastern Sales Manager
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Western Sales Manager
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